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Who is Sammy Scuba?

Sam started Sammy Scuba Diving LLC with the intention of offering private, customizable scuba diving experiences off the shores of Maui. His specialty is tailoring every dive to your personal needs and preferences. The result is a safe and exceptional scuba diving experience that is scheduled to fit your vacation and experience level.


Sam Younger, owner and operator of Sammy Scuba Diving LLC, was trained on the Great Barrier Reef. Sammy has worked as an instructor on three continents-Australia, Indonesia and North America. After working many years on dive boats, he realized that large groups are frustrating and dangerous for every scuba diver. That's why with private scuba diving, Sammy ensures the best and safest dive possible for every type of diver.
A longtime Maui resident, Sam has an extensive knowledge of the local Hawaiian waters and dive sites. With this familiarity, Sammy Scuba Diving in Maui can show you parts of Hawaii which no other dive company can offer. Extraordinarily safety-conscious, calm, patient, and good-humored, he specializes in shore dives and knows the best hidden dive spots in Maui intimately. His specialty is tailoring every dive to your personal needs and preferences. 

Sammy Scuba strives to maintain his perfect

5-star Tripadvisor, Google and Yelp rating.


Please look at his reviews below/online and judge for yourself.



Beyond Excellent!

Rosa, B.C. Canada

I have never been much of a water person and never imagined I would leave Maui as a certified scuba diver! I definitely was not a natural and had some fears. Thank you so much Sammy for your patience, encouragement and personable training the whole way through. I feel so fortunate to experience the underwater world (it really is something to experience) and to take this huge accomplishment home with me. Reviews don't lie, contact Sammy, you will not be disappointed!

Sam is the Man

Jordan, Glastonbury CT

I have fallen in love with diving, and all credit to Sammy! He plays close to attention to every aspect and always makes sure you are safe. I found it quite straight forward to get certified with Sammy, and at the same time I also feel like a learned a lot. A+ experience with an A+ instructor.

"Dont Plan a trip to Maui without SammyScuba

J Bentley, Tulsa OK

My wife and I spent two great days of our honeymoon with Sammy, and despite a bunch of great dinners and lots of beach time, the diving was the highlight. Sammy's attention - to both the nuances of diving and making sure people enjoy themselves - is simply superb, as well as his patience, friendliness, and humor. My wife was recovering from the flu and had rightly stayed off medications per PADI guidelines, and Sammy was still able to make her fall in love with diving.


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