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FAQ's of Scuba Diving



Are We Diving From a Boat?

All of the dives are done from the shore/beaches around Maui.

No Boats, No Crowds!



Sammy Scuba is dedicated to the safety of all of our guests! With 100% Private Scuba Diving, you will get the undivided attentionof your own scuba instructor. Introductory dives will be given all of the necessary instructions prior to getting in the water. Sammy Scuba diving has brand new gear and will consistly be at your side the entire time, even for the most experienced diver! This is Safest Possible Experience .



What is Minimum Age to Scuba Dive?
You can start Scuba Diving and get certified at age 10





The PADI Certification from Sammy Scuba in Maui lasts about 7-8 hours split into 2 days. It includes all equipment instruction, 4 dives, a skills course, study material, the written test and all PADI Certification fees. We have e-materials available for you to start your book work before your vacation. 







Sammy Scuba provides all of the scuba diving equipment for each dive. All you need is your swimsuit, sunscreen and a smile 





Sammy Scuba is available for your private scuba diving experience 7 days per week starting at sunrise. All of our dives are completely customizable and can be scheduled to fit your vacation!







Sammy Scuba offers shore dives near Lahaina, Hawaii. We have access to some of the most beautiful dive sites in Maui right off the beach.

Sammy Scuba can customize your dive to your preferences, or we can pick one of our favorite spots based on the daily conditions. During our dives, we will see beautiful coral, schools of fish, turtles and hopefully eagle rays and white tip reef sharks. The dive sites vary from wall dives, coral gardens, underwater wrecks and valleys of coral. 







No problem! Sammy Scuba in Maui, Hawaii offers introductory/discovery dives. We will provide all of the equipments as well as basic diving instruction before entering the water. All you need is your swimsuit and sunscreen!







An introductory or discovery private scuba dive will take us about 2 hours, including our travel time and instruction. 2-tank dives will last between 3 and 4 hours depending on the dive sites we choose. 

Sammy Scuba includes all transportation and gear for your dives. All of the dives with Sammy Scuba are beautiful and convenient shore dives. No parking, no boats, just private scuba dives.







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